with Edgel Groves Jr.


"Edgel was born to do this. He knows literally everyone in the business and has the experience to back it up."

- OLLY BARNES, Co-Founder of VOISEY (a SNAPCHAT company)

"The best music industry podcast out there. Truly inspiring and informative"

- DYLAN BERRY, Host of SoundCloud Radio on DASH

"Really good! What I liked is that he made the guests feel very relaxed, and let them speak. And built his next questions off the content of what they said. Too many interviewers feel the need to speak over their guests"

- DJ BLITZ, Radio Host 103.1 Virgin Radio



No Shortcuts with Edgel Groves Jr. is a weekly show featuring exclusive interviews with artists, music industry heavyweights, entrepreneurs and tastemakers, telling their stories to inspire others and dispel the myth of overnight success.


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